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Enlightened Indigo Child

A Personal Guide to Flourishing with a Sixth Sense

Be who you are.  It's time!

Welcome to the new paradigof raising our gifted children!

It opened my eyes to a new world and explains much of my sensitivity - to people, places and things. 
Enlightening for sure!

-Amazon Review

This book is long overdue, for the Indigo subject has always been something academic: a revelation of human evolvement. This one is different, since it has been written by an Indigo and her parent with a down-to-earth perspective of living the experience.
So it's the "other side" of the coin, so to speak, what this whole Indigo evolution may be about. Indeed "INDIGOS ARE PEOPLE TOO!"  (the title of Chapter 4), especially when you are reminded that they are now becoming adults!
-Lee Carroll - co author of The Indigo Children

There is no reason to feel lost.

Our book will guide you.  

What reviewers are saying. . . .
Your time will not be wasted on this book. It is a call for conscious humanity in parenting. -William 
 I feel blessed to have found this book...      There are too many empowering concepts to name and summarize, so do find the time to read this. -Analia
 I am grateful that Diandra and her mother Idelle have written this book. It is a true gift. -Susan C.
This book helped me to better understand what it feels like to be an Indigo Child as well as be a parent of an Indigo Child.  -Dr. Seema Khaneja -  Board Certified Pediatrician and Integrative Doctor of Eastern/Western Medicine.

An empowering book! 

Thank you Dr. Brand and Diandra, I finally have a name on my "condition" and feel "normal" for the first time. -Eva

Other books on this topic seem to point to all the "problems" and leave out the solutions. This book has simple, natural and real-life ways to deal with it. -JB

With all the drugs being pushed on everyone these days, it's nice to know that there are alternative, healthier, non toxic ways to treat whatever the problem may be, and the "side effects" are only positive!!!! -Sherri E.

Indigo Attributes

Below is a general list of attributes channeled in from Universal Consciousness of Light and Love for Indigos:

1. Heart centered when young.

2. Care about others more than they care about themselves.

3. Wise beyond their years.

4. May feel that Earth is not home.

5. Have insights about things they shouldn’t   have a clue about; such as deceased people, future events, past lives, etc.

6. Have an inner knowing that may be seen as arrogance and pompous by the general population of non-Indigos.

7. Have imaginary friends, see angels, deceased people.

8. Talk to their pets like they would talk to humans.

9. Tend to hang out with nature and pets more than people.

10. Crave nature. They will drag you to the park, beach etc.

11. Have night terrors; even before they can talk.

12. Have food allergies, especially to dairy, sugar and processed foods.

13. Can sense evil or bad people.

14. Pick up other people’s emotions.

15. Get offended easily.

16. Can get seizures easily.

17. Get high fevers easily.

18. Use the phrase ”I know” a lot.

19. They are more creative and right brain dominant than most people; into artsy things- music, painting, beading, cooking, photography, etc.

20. Can be distracted easily.

21. Badger parents to change for the better, in terms of giving up bad habits; smoking, alcohol, poor foods, etc.

22. Get sick easily, only because their systems are more sensitive.

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Enlightened Indigo Child was very enlightening to me!

It offered a unique viewpoint about the sixth sense.

It contains important information for parents of children who have a well developed sixth sense. These kids can often be mislabeled as "problem" children.

I don't know of any other similar books that offer such concrete solutions and advice. 

--Amazon Review

  This book is recommended to all, not only if you have children. In this day and age, "medical" labels, medications and a toxic environment create challenges for children and adults alike.

   We all have a sixth sense, it is a gift and should be nurtured. Diandra chose her mom, learning about the daughter-mom journey and twin connection is fascinating. Both are gifted and trained in various healing modalities. This holistic- minded book explains their individual paths that have made them exemplary today.  Full of easy-to-implement tips, this easy-to-read book will serve you and your family well. It raises awareness and attention to nutrition, detoxification, 'green living', child behaviour, effective parenting solutions and more, while at the same time providing great mind-body insight and inspiration.

 I highly recommend this book and it is a great gift.
         --Rika Keck,  NY Integrated Health 

This book has been such an eye opener, to say the least. I'm healthier and happier. Must read for everyone!  -SB

 It changed my life.

I most definitely felt the healing energy this book has-Evelyn

There is no reason to feel lost.

Our book will guide you. 

About Us

Diandra Brand

 is an intuitive metaphysical healer with certifications in an extensive number of alternative healing modalities. As a Universal Communicator, she is able to converse with many realms of existence, and channel guidance and healing energy for her client's highest good. Besides being a successful telepathic communicator for pets and children, she can also act as a medium for deceased loved ones. Diandra has just attained her Master of Science degree in Acupuncture

Idelle Brand

is a biological dentist, multifaceted integrative healer and teacher of diverse complementary healing modalities. She is also the author of numerous health related articles and the founder of Enlightened Dentistry™, a new paradigm of holistic dental care that encompasses healing of the body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Brand’s second book My Secrets to Regaining Health is available at Amazon.com and directly from The Brand Wellness Center.

Enlightened Indigo Child

A Personal Guide to Flourishing with a Sixth Sense

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